Tosibox Australia

Today with technology everything is connected. This does create convenience however at the same time security can become an issue. It does not take someone with a picklock at your door to break into your secrets. Your secrets can be accessed with a computer on the other side of the world. Therefore securing our networks have never been more important as it is now.

Tosibox is a new easy and secure way to secure your network. The system comprises of a Lock and Key. The Lock connects to your network and adds an encryption to it so that it cannot be accessed by anyone without the key, securing it. It however does not just do that, it adds a perk! With the key you can access your network from a different site, adding extra convenience alongside security. For example you have secured your home network with Tosibox. At work you want to access your home server for some documents. Just plug the Tosibox Key to a computer at work and you can access your home network and download the documents. Added security and convenience in one. It is the only remote connection solution on the market that is able to work in any public internet connection without the need to modify the connection or ports in any manner. Just plug and play!

How does it work?

  1. Connect power and internet cables to the Tosibox
  2. Serialise the Tosibox key to a Tosibox lock
  3. Connect the controlled equipment (i.e. CCTV surveillance camera, computer, server, air conditioning, etc) into the Tosibox lock with a cable or wireless LAN
  4. Remotely, plus your Tosibox key to your laptop computer (or other computer device), and open the Tosibox application software

Why is Tosibox secure? Tosibox uses long encryption keys, industry-standard encryption algorithms. It also requires a “two-factor” authentication, which is a password and key. Without both, access to the network is futile. It also has a new encryption method which secures the data you send of a network. For example most networks when sending a piece of data across, it encrypts it. This can be decrypted by anyone with the capabilities. Tosibox however encrypts it with a password that is only sent to the receiver therefore the only person that will be able to decrypt the data is the receiver securing the message further.

Once the Tosibox is connected it automatically creates a secure tunnel over the internet between the lock and key(s). Typical use cases of the Tosibox are with computers and servers, IP cameras, building automation (internet of things), programmable logic controls, and human-machine interfaces. Here are some examples:


  • Offices – Remote work access to the server, computer and email of a company with a high level of data security. Example: An employee is able to access the company design software over the internet or access sensitive files.
  • Industry – Control, maintain and supervise production lines and equipment. The equipment can communicate with each other. An example: A company has a Tosibox lock connected in a service location. This will allow the control and maintenance of the production line to be done via the internet, from any location.
  • Home – Tosibox enables cost savings by allowing the control and supervision of ‘the internet of things’ devices. Great for managing building technology. An example: Be able to control and supervise internet connected devices in the home such as the air conditioning, alarms and security cameras.