Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Theft, damage and vandalism at construction sites is far too common. As there are valuable materials, including building materials and internal furnishings that can be sold, having a security guard on site will deter criminals. Construction sites require a specifically tailored security risk assessment to prevent theft of equipment and vandalism. PSSI has the solution for all your needs. We have highly trained Construction site security guards in Sydney that can provide the protection your construction site requires. We provide our guards with site specific roles and responsibilities for each project and put safety first while protecting your site, the supplies within it, your employees, and any visitors.

Our construction site security guards’ roles include:

  • Providing random patrols continuously throughout the site.
  • Act as a visual deterrent to ensure the security of the premises.
  • Log all persons and vehicle that enter or exit the site
  • Carry out site inductions
  • Issue Name Badges
  • If required, be involved in the emergency and evacuation procedures for the site and have a working knowledge of any security and fire control panels, procedures and other early warning alarm systems.
  • Provide access to tradespeople
  • Supervise deliveries

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