Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Shopping Centre Security

Having the right retail loss prevention guard in your premises gives your retail store locations, warehouses, and distribution centres protection from any theft by minimising the risk of theft. Whether you are protecting one location or multiple locations, or you need extra security during midyear and Christmas sales or a product launch, let PSSI protect what matters to you.

Some of our retail loss prevention services include:

  • Covert or overt guards available.
  • Fully licensed Private Investigators available.
  • Trained in providing a defence against retail “shrinkage” whether it happens by shoplifting or employee theft.
  • Check dressing rooms and other physical spaces.
  • Operate electronic surveillance equipment and be alert for customers who act suspiciously.
    Assist with a store’s opening and closing procedures.
  • If and when theft occurs, our guards will also detain suspects. Then follow standard operating procedures. This may require the loss prevention guard to call the police, check for CCTV footage and make a copy, prepare reports and testify against them in court.

All our retail loss prevention guards and private investigators have been security cleared and are licensed by the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate.