RSA Marshalls Services

RSA Marshall Staff

Do you have a licensed premises or will an event you are hosting be serving alcohol? Our RSA Marshalls services monitor the responsible service of alcohol practices by staff members who are selling, supplying or serving liquor. Our RSA Marshall staff will:

  • Engaging with those staff, and patrons on the premises, for the purpose of encouraging the responsible attitudes and practices in relation to the promotion, sale, supply, service and consumption of liquor.
  • Monitoring alcohol consumption by patrons and their behaviour for signs of irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol and for signs of intoxication.
  • Intervening at an early stage to assist in the prevention of intoxication and anti-social behaviour, (for instance: suggesting that patrols moderate their alcohol consumption by consuming food or non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Assisting in the resolution of disputes arising on the premises between patrons.

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